Thursday, January 11, 2007


Yes, we know it's been a minute but we've been busy legitimizing our game. is Coming Soon!
And we are looking for you!

While we're diligently working to launch we are looking for fellow journalists to contribute original content.

Types of stories we are looking for:

Critiques of media coverage
Did you read a story that made you go "What the F@*%!"? Would you like to point out the holes in the article, contest the hypothesis or question the intent?

The Story Behind the Story
An editor or writer is interviewed on why they wrote/ran a specific story and reveal the challenges, reaction, controversy or idea that sparked it all.

Journalism as Activism
In light of the tragic Sean Bell murder, what are our responsibilities as journalists to make sure that stories that target our community don't fade from the page?

The Art of Branding
Now that we are a part of the "everybody is a star" generation should journalists step from behind the pen/computer/lens and become the story themselves? Is branding a necessity these days?

Send ideas and questions to:
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